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ez-carbon question
« on: June 15, 2019, 11:05:18 PM »
I just wanted to clarify on the dosing amount of EZ-Carbon- on the back of the bottle it states D1, D2,D3 etc., if I read this correctly you increase dosing every day. On the standard DSR I have read that you increase dosing by week, is that just a difference in EZ vs full DSR?
I had been dosing about a couple weeks, only parameters that were a bit off were calcium at 320 and nitrate at 5, phosphate 0 and Alk was 11+ but slowly dropping. I increased calc to 10ml and trace to 5ml to bring up calcium, and carbon I slowly increased to 2.4 per 100ml. after a week or so nitrate stayed at 5 for over a week and I got a bad bacteria bloom, so have done a couple water changes and stopped dosing at the moment.
Should I dose phosphate to attain a reading above zero so that nitrates will drop and go back to starting doses for all dosings(calc/carbon/trace/buffer)?
I can pick up Brightwell Neophos for increasing phosphate, otherwise I need to order from Seaflower being I am in US.