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July 13, 2020, 07:27:46 am


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I2 correction

Started by vlnemo, February 16, 2020, 08:40:57 am

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I use the ez products but i use seperate carbon and Fe trace, for now. Also i am adding PO4,more magnesium , little more potassium and Sr. I cant increase eztrace because my B is close to 7. All my parameters are fine Except Iodine... In 400lt reef mix tank idose 1.5ml of I2 every day (I think in my tank 3ml is max per day)for almost 2 months now but i cant get any reading to salifert test. Test is ok i assume when testing with dsr reference. I cant find to read something more for I2.What i am advised to do? Thanks  (No3 1ppm- Po4 0.02)


Your boron test is probably outdated, they have a limited shelftime once opened.

What is your Alk consumption?

If you're sure you Iodine reading is fine  you can try dosing an additional 0,003ppm/day. Always
Keep track when you do additional dosings

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Thank you for your answer. I checked Boron with your reference and its ok. My first boron test had limited and was given wrong results, this one its ok. So you are telling me that its beter to start dosing 0.003ppm/day than try to get the right mesurement to salifert tests for I2?(I have two). I think i should do some more water changes with your salts, because its a tank running 5 years know with other chemicals. One more question please.  I bought Nacl pure salt and no the custom reef salt. Its the same salt? Can i use Nacl pure salt with the minerals i have ezbuffer,eztrace,Magnesium to make some water changes? Thanks again...