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April 04, 2020, 08:31:45 am


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Questions related to power filters

Started by MasterBlaster, March 08, 2020, 02:09:31 pm

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Hello Glenn

I have a question related to power filters. I know how important you think a good power filter is to the reef.

I have a 200L tank with a sump. I plan to add one of the Tunze E jet in the sump. My question is if more flow is always better when it comes to power filters. Phrasing the question in a different way , buying the Tunze e jet 3005 will produce better results then buying the Tunze E-jet 1605 ?

Also I know you have a Tunze e jet yourself , what refill cartridge do you advise ? https://www.tunze.com/en/details/0870.000-cartridge-870.html or https://www.tunze.com/en/details/0871.000-cartridge-871.html ?

Thanks ,


I would prefer the ejet3005, because the ejet1605 is not powerfull enough.

Even beter is to build it yourself with a  tunze 1073.020  pump and a perforated pipe on the intake

I use filterwool
Watch the movie:

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