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vertaling van paarse flap (Battle Cyano topic)

Started by MartinBoekholt, April 24, 2015, 12:57:04 am

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April 24, 2015, 12:57:04 am Last Edit: May 12, 2015, 11:38:09 pm by glennf
1- Wait with sucking the purple algea  off till mid midday. (When it occurs the most)
2 Lights out!
3- remove all visible purple slime and detritus.
4- strong power filter in the tank! (1500-3000 liters). Powerfilter by Glenn look it up.
5 with an additional pump ~ 1000 liters / h blow through all the corals and rocks possibly aided by a brush or pencil.
6- filtered through the power filter until the water is clear again, only then stir up all detritus and sand This will also be absorbed by the cotton wool filter (aq powerfliter). If necessary, replace the cotton of the powerfilter before this step depending on the dirt collected.
Careful as the filter becomes more clotted with dirt is the better in removing smaller particles, so not renew too soon. New cottonwool must always be rinsed with hot water, otherwise your skimmer will go to the  roof.
8- The days after. Reduce the lighting time or intensity to minimize the flap. Continue the use of the power filter and blow off or siphon the slime where it is still visible. Also at midmidday turn off the lights agian and stir up the detritus. If problem is still big return to step 1 .
If there is a purple slime forms on the cotton wool of the power filter clean that immediately. This means it is already clogged and does more harm than good, by blowing around everything.
9- When the slime does not come back, you can slowly increase the lights back to desired length and strength.
Before you start check your phosphate and do it daily. If your phosphate increases alarmingly you must use a phosphate remover.