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Welcome to the DSR Reefing historical Website!
This site was founded in 2013 and will not be updated anymore!

DSR stands for "Dutch Synthetic Reefing". This is a way of keeping a mixed reef aquarium successful without waterchanges. The DSR Method was developed by myself "GlennF" as a problem solving tool for my own 1500 liter mixed reef aquarium. No water changes and controlling essential water parameters are the basics of the DSR Method.

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Why the DSR Method ?

With the DSR Method it is possible to achieve a stable and controlled reef environment. 
It's a All in One solution for reefkeeping.
The cost of running the DSR method are a fraction of salt needed for regular water changed.
Better understanding of the way things work.
More control of the biochemical processes in the reef tank.
The DSR Method, for who?

Do you want like to take reefing one step futher than the usual anemone with a couple off clownfishes?

Do you hate water changes?

Do you like to learn more about the reef dynamics?

Are you struggling to get control over your tank?

If you don't have any problems doing periodic measurements and all above are answered "YES", than you should consider running DSR.



My Mission

Keeping a Reef Aquarium has been a elite sport . Until now...!
It's my mission to make reefkeeping affordable en understandable for everybody, and to get it out off the elite corner. 

DSR Calculator

The DSR Calculator is a spreadsheet which helps you to calculate the righ amount of supplements needed to adjust your water parameters.
Download: v160427sulphate

DSR handleiding  (NL)

DSR Supplements

There are 15 Supplement which are being used in the DSR Method to control all essential water parameters.

Test Kits

When developing the DSR Method, I used these instrument / test kits. The choice was based on: Price, availability, reliabilty, consistency and ease of use. 

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Reducing Nitrate with Carbon

How to battle Cyano in DSR

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Cooperation DSR with other methods

Cooperation DSR with calcium reactors

Cooperation DSR with other trace elements


Corals and what makes them happy

Starting DSR / Daily consumption

Preparing DSR dosing solution.


Advantages / Disadvantages in DSR

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